The sweets of Monte Turia for this Christmas

As usual this year we are already preparing Christmas candies to delight the most discerning palates. The Christmas campaign is marked by increased demand among our main customers.

We are talking about warehouses and distributors who in turn are the suppliers of the final consumer.

Christmas lots original, cheap… and high quality

In turn, in Monte Turia we have been working for more than 20 years in the traditional Christmas lots. In fact we work between 4 and 6 references whose presence and presentation is directed to form part of the boxes of typical Christmas lots. They are products that follow our guidelines of maximum quality but with a lower weight, of approximately 100 grams.

Without a doubt we are talking about a way to give away original and cheap Christmas lots, without belittling at all the quality of the final product.

It’s like the typical boxes of chocolates, but more original. The product goes in a case covered by a plastic and then everything in a lithographed box, with a careful design. We work with two brands: Monte Turia and Dulmart. This year the hearts of Cinnamon, Serranía, Christmas puffs, Nevaditos Serranos will be the protagonists.

The Christmas Candy campaign has a third protagonist that are the varied. These are the varied assortment boxes that have always been marketed for the final customer in Monte Turia and that cannot be found in the market, except in our online shop.

There are three types of boxes: 450 grams, 1 kilo and 2 kilos.

They all carry a variety of products, in which there is always some almond, like almond delicacies, Rosegón or Almendrazo; Butter: As butters, aniseed Rosco or cinnamon Hearts; of chocolate, like the defendants Chokis and of coconut, like tiles or coquitos.

There are many people who buy at a particular level to give away; It is also a product bought by entrepreneurs to make gifts to their clients, schools to finance their end of course trips, associations for their parties and gift between associations,… A lot of demand goes up and sale by the online store and Amazon of these two presentations

And in December… about 20… we’re out of power!!!

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