Why giving away an assortment of sweets at Christmas is an excellent idea.

Christmas is coming. And there are few who wonder what to give at Christmas. and face, the task is not easy.

making an original gift and also not costing us a lot of money is complicated. However there is more than one reason to give candy at Christmas Monte Turia is an excellent idea. You’ll see how to look good with customers, family, friends,… cost Little

7 reasons to give away Monte Turia can be a great idea

Next we have collected some of the reasons why we think that giving a candy at Christmas is still an excellent idea.

For its flavor

If for some reason the sweets of Monte Turia are successful is because of their taste. The quality of our products is beyond doubt. The words are left out, you just have to try them. In addition, the variety of sweets and biscuits you can find in a box of assortments will delight everyone. of the smallest, and the older.

For its healthy ingredients

Who is not concerned about your health and that of the people around you? The sweets of Monte Turia are made with life-long ingredients. Flour, egg and oil are some of the most widely used ingredients. No trap, no cardboard.

For its variety of sweets

Which one is better. In the boxes of assortments you will be able to find everything: Chokis, almond tiles, Rosegones, anise roscos or the delicious coquitos.

For its price

Whoever says you don’t think about what’s going to cost you a gift lies. And more in these times when economic disbursements in gifts, meals, travel and so on make a whole effort. A box of sweets of 1 kilo costs 5.50 euros. And the 2 kilo still comes out cheaper: 10 euros. If you have to make many gifts to customers, family,… nothing better than buying several boxes of assortments.

For comfort

Face. We’ve become comfortable. And to make the purchase from the sofa of your house is fast, comfortable and without making any type of displacement. The purchasing process is easy and fast. Select your favorite product and you will have in a few days your order in your home, company or address that you indicate to us. It was never so easy and fast. And if you like to go to the supermarket to make the purchase you also have no excuse. Our candies can be found in hundreds of stores such as Consum, Eroski, Dia and in many shops, with different presentations.

For its originality

Giving away a box of traditional sweets is always original and different. It’s not an ordinary gift. Giving a candy means much more than the gift itself. That is to say to the other person many things without firing a single word. The tradition of making Christmas gifts comes from very old. And to be thankful costs very little with whom we truly appreciate.

And above all, because they will never make you look bad

So if you’re thinking about making an original gift for Christmas, you have no excuse.

And you? For what reason do you give assorted candies? Tell us. We want to know your story.

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