Frequent questions

Queries, problems, suggestions and / or incidents

The most frequent is to deliver it in 3 days after the order is issued.

All products, except coconut, have a 12 month expiration. Coconut, which is a wetter product, has a shorter life. Specifically 5 months.

In general, most of our products have flour, sugar, eggs and nuts. Some carry oil, others coconut or chocolate, but they are always selected raw materials from suppliers that we submit to the controls defined by the IFS Foods quality standard.

In case of problems, incidents or suggestions of both the merchandise and the transport service, you can contact the platform directly, by e-mail at the address or at the phone number and WhatsApp: 637452790.

IFS Food 22000, the strictest food quality and safety standard in Europe, recognized by major brands, stores and stores such as Eroski, Consum, Spinservice or MD, as well as importers worldwide.

Buying is very easy, you just have to enter the web, Amazon, Correos Marquet, … or call 96 96 41 42 directly. You have to fill in the data or provide name, address and phone. Only assorted assortments of 1 or 2 kilos are sold. At most it takes a week to serve the product. As manufacturers, we do not directly sell our products to the final public. They can be found in supermarkets like Consum or Eroski.

Monte Turia sweets do not last long, but not because they do not have a long expiration date, otherwise … because they fly … Still, we recommend that you store the pasta in a dry place, at room temperature and in the absence of sunlight.

At Monte Turia we are always happy to assist you.