5 irresistible desserts and easy to make

Finding easy-to-make dessert recipes that are also economical is not always easy. That’s why from Monte Turia we are going to propose 5 dessert recipes that can be great to leave your guests with their mouths open.

Easy dessert recipes at home

And is that meals to look good with the guests there are many and varied. Only that you have to know how to choose. Here we leave our proposals:

Tiles with ice cream

One of the richest and easiest desserts you will find. In the same dish some tiles along with vanilla ice cream or nougat ice cream will delight any diner. Actually we can combine them with the ice cream that we have more at hand. In a few minutes you will have your guests happy. It’s as easy to do as it is to add to the presentation, one, two or three tiles and that’s it!

Death By Chocolate

One of the most fashionable desserts. By the name we can already imagine that bad should not be. Chocolate fans will find their palate satisfied here. Although this dessert is traditionally known for combining the sponge cake with chocolate, our proposal is a bit different. Join one of our chocolate cookies together with chocolate. You will see that rich. Our choki cookies combine well since not everything is chocolate so it will not be so cloying.

If you want a more elaborate dessert, you can make chocolate yourself. But if you do not want to waste a lot of time you can buy the chocolate directly for cooking.

Minis with chocolate

In those meals or dinners you do not get to the dessert but you want something sweet nothing like eating mini anise or cinnamon chocolate cookies to conclude is not a bad idea. An original dessert and simple to make. An original and very practical idea to finish.

Sweets with mistela

If the owner made it easy, we arrive at one of the desserts that will best fit and that will hardly mean work. It’s about pairing sweet wine, preferably mistela or muscatel, with any of the Monte Turia sweets.

One of the proposals that our customers use the most. Or so they let us know. Combine some cinnamon cookies with mistela can be ideal to finish a meal. It can also be made with any of our traditional pastas. Perhaps it is the most economical dessert in the world besides the fastest one. And after a meal with friends there’s nothing like taking it for dessert.

Italian dessert

A dessert to surprise is the tiramisu. With its official recipe, it combines several ingredients, but especially, with the light ones of Monte Turia. They are the perfect base used in Italy, to make this dessert so unique. The dry and porous sponge cake absorbs coffee perfectly and is complemented with chocolate and mascarpone cheese. This way, if you already have a good tiramisu, with the light ones (10 calories per piece of the special curly) you will shine with the dessert in a special way.

And now do you feel like hitting a bite, huh? And how do you combine our desserts?

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