Monte Turia is already on Amazon

Since the last 18th of February, Monte Turia is at Amazon. So if you prefer you can buy in the world’s largest store, online and directly from your home.

Candy on Amazon

Monteturia uses its own logistics to sell sweets in Spain. However and thanks to Amazon you can buy any of our products anywhere in Europe.

At Amazon you can buy the boxes with a variety of 1 and 2 kilos. Shipments are made with MRW and in less than 72 hours you can have your sweet artisans at home. The best thing is that we control at all times where and where the order is. So any incident we can solve it.

If you want to buy the artisan candies of Monteturia at Amazon you can do it through the following links:

You just have to see the opinions of users who have tried our candies to realize their quality.

And if you prefer you can always go to our own online candy store.

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