Almost nobody escapes today the revolution that has brought about the appearance of online business, completely transforming the concept of commerce and the way in which we acquire products and services.
Although it is true that physical businesses of all life continue to exist, some of them with the help of web platforms that complement them, the reality is that buying sweets on the Internet and other types of food and goods is a practice that has come to stay.

At Monte Turia we have our own online candy store. A way to buy sweets online from Monte Turia that includes all the products we make. But we also sell our products through other platforms.

Sweet Amazon, Monte Turia products in any corner of Europe

Monte Turia uses its own infrastructure and logistics to deliver our sweets throughout the Spanish geography. However, thanks to Amazon, the world’s largest e-commerce company, Monte Turia can sell sweets onlineanywhere in Europe.

Since February 18, 2018 it is possible to buy Monte Turia sweets online on Amazon. In this way, it is already possible to buy sweets online Spainfrom home through the largest store in the world, without the need to go anywhere.

At Amazon you can buy the boxes with a variety of 1 and 2 kilos. Shipments are made with MRW and in less than 72 hours you can have your sweet artisans at home. The best thing is that we control at all times where and where the order is. So before any incident, we have the ability to resolve it.

If you want to buy the Monte Turia artisan sweets on Amazon you can do it through the following links:

sweets on Amazon


You just have to see the opinions of users who have tried our candies to realize their quality.

Correos Market, a window for local products

correos market store


The Correos Market platform is a tool that allows you to sell artisan products online. It is a way of promoting local consumption and the acquisition of local products, providing visibility to local and rural producers.

As with Amazon, at Correos Market you can also buy, among others, the assortment of 2 kilo Monte Turia sweets.

Aliexpress, the fashion store

sweets on aliexpress


The AliExpres online store has become a worldwide phenomenon that offers the opportunity to purchase a large number of products that are classified in various categories.

Of course, you can also buy sweets by AliExpressfrom Monte Turia.

Bellavita Marketplace, a great variety of Italian and Spanish products

buy sweets in Bellavita


An alternative to acquire quality Italian and Spanish products is the Bellavita Marketplace platform, a website that combines the best food proposals from the two Mediterranean countries.

Bellavita Marketplace is a space born as a result of the Covid-19 crisis as a consequence of the suspension of food fairs throughout Europe.

An instrument that connects international buyers from all over the world with Monte Turia, allowing us to offer all our products worldwide.

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