La Navidad puede hacer estragos en nuestro cuerpo. January is coming and we are all thinking about how to maintain a healthy and balanced diet by showing off a perfect body. It is true that we must demystify that the sweet always fattens. Nothing farther from reality. Sweet only gets fat if we do not know how to choose the right foods. But even so, we can choose some healthy candy options highly recommended for this time of year.

7 healthy sweets without sugar

And our list is…

Integral curly

In this list could not miss our integral cookies. One of the healthiest cookies. 121/5000 Made with flaxseed and whole wheat flour make it perfect to improve transit and have a good digestion. Its proportion of ingredients and its size make it special to consume it at all times.

They do not contain sugar, so we are talking about some perfect cookies for diabetics. To obtain a sweet taste, maltitol is used. Come on, you could swell to eat whole-grain crackers without fear, even if you’re on a diet. In addition, its mild lemon and vanilla flavor, together with its crispy texture make it special to carry in your bag and eat whenever you want. And the best at a price you will hardly find out there. The minimum order includes a box of 12 packages for 7.20 euros.


Not for obvious we should stop naming them and consuming them in summer. A sweet that we forget that is sweet. Try to choose fruit in season, it is the best way to eat well and healthy in summer. The fruit is nutritious and refreshing. Has it all. Fruit like melon or watermelon are ideal.

Multicereal cookies

The combination of seven cereals with a traditional pasta feeds, sweetens and is very easy to eat at any time. Its main characteristic is that it does not become heavy, it has an adequate size and also a great nutritional value.

Undoubtedly a soft, sweet, appetizing product that combines perfectly with any breakfast or snack, while marida, especially with coffee making it ideal for a relaxed after-dinner.

Sugar-free almond delights

Sugar-free products are a healthy temptation. You can enjoy Monte Turia products, but without sugar. The flavor is practically the same as the normal almond treats and its success has increased exponentially in recent years. The consumer likes both a good product and taking care of himself, without giving up a sweet artisan and traditional.

Oatmeal Cookies

Healthy oatmeal cookies are another option if you want to carry a sweet in your purse to put in your mouth. If you buy the goods, look at the label so they do not fool you. They are fashionable but watch what you buy. Sometimes they carry additives that can spoil as good as they can be.

Chokis without sugar

If you are looking for chocolate cookies without sugar you are in the ideal place. Choki cookies are one of the most successful and if they are sugar-free better.


From the Italian tradition and the classic soletilla sponge cake, we find a dry, crunchy and tasty product with which you can still make a dessert, such as cheering a morning coffee or having a snack, at any time. His name, light, is due to his only 10 calories per piece.

If you are interested in any of these sweets you just have to get in touch with us.

Now you know how to keep your line while still enjoying the sweet.

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