Traditionally it is associated with sweets a single effect that almost make it seem its only characteristic. It is said thatsweets Fatten and although there is part of reality in this statement, there is a lot of false myth that costs to topple.

If we think sweets get fat is because they basically carry sugar. What we cannot ignore is that abusive sugar consumption coupled with lack of physical exercise is detrimental to health.

Glucose is necessary for the brain

But it is no less true that the human body needs glucose to function. glucose is the natural sugar that we can find in products like fruit, dairy or honey. As well collected the newspaper El País a while ago the sugar, if it is natural, is not bad. On the contrary, it is necessary.

What’s more, glucose is the main source of energy. And the most important thing is the only fuel that the brain cells use. So depriving the brain of glucose can be a problem.

And what about added sugars? Are they bad for your health?

Like everything in life if abused is bad. The World Health Organization (WHO) has established that total calorie intake per day from added sugars should be below 10%.

And this is where the problem lies. There are many products that contain such a quantity of added sugar that with only their consumption are exceeded those recommended quantities with a lot.

For example, sodas usually have between 25 and 45 grams of sugar per can. This means that with a single soda we are ingesting more than half of the daily sugar needed.

Another of the star products in terms of added sugar is that of industrial pastries. Here, the main problem is no longer just the huge amount of sugar added, but it also incorporates ingredients such as palm oil. Later we will talk about palm oil that deserves a separate article. Just mention now that in the sweets of Monte Turia we use sunflower oil.

The popular proverbs refers to that no one bitters a sweet and is because the sweets like and are part of our culinary tradition. carbohydrates and sugars have always been part of our traditional recipes that have eaten our ancestors. They did not have the levels of overweight and obesity that the current generation has because they developed a more active and not sedentary way of life.

In short it is not only to eat less sugar but to eat better, and above all know what we eat. To follow a more balanced diet the ideal is to banish industrial pastries. Homemade or traditional pastries like the one we produce in Monte Turia is a safe bet, always betting on healthy recipes. If you’re looking for sweet foods that don’t get fat Here you can have a choice.

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