The data say that in Spain there are 22.5 million online shoppers. The arrival of winter and especially Covid-19 has meant an unprecedented revolution in the way we interact with our environment, altering our routines. During this time we have been acquiring new habits when it comes to filling the pantry, the takeoff of buying food online, mainly among the younger generations, shows a substantial change.

The data is overwhelming, and almost half of the population already purchases online. Until not long ago, buying food on the Internet was not the most normal thing. The Internet seemed limited for other types of products.

More time at home, more food purchases online

If something has changed in each of us in this unusual 2020, it is that we have all spent more time at home. And that has meant that 72% of the Internet population between 16 and 70 years of age usually make purchases online to a greater or lesser extent.

During this initial period, the sale of some ingredients such as flour registered a significant rebound. Buying food online became a phenomenon at a time when there was an unprecedented rush to cook at home and eat properly.

The food industry has found it necessary to adapt to a consumer who buys more from home and who avoids going to the establishment to make the purchase. Although most users combine online shopping with physical purchases, there is one data that is overwhelming: 23% of users buy goods and services exclusively online.

Return to the traditional and the traditional flavors

The pandemic has also given rise to a feeling of nostalgia for the flavors of a lifetime, for the meals that grandmother or mother prepared, for the town house where the whole family met and that brings us back to our childhood …

With winter just around the corner and in a few months in which staying home is the best antidote to combat the spread of the virus, it seems the perfect occasion to savor some shortbread by the stove or enjoying the views of the city from the window. And it is that in this return to the traditional, sweets have a special place …

Back to nature and to the town?

The pandemic has also made us rethink our relationship with nature. During the first weeks we all witnessed, as if it were a movie, the streets of the cities semi-empty and free of traffic, as if the world had taken a break.

Nature has regained its brilliance and with it our desire to enjoy it. A return to the essence of the traditional, to the flavors that the village ovens give off, the smell of freshly baked bread, the aroma of traditional pastries and sweets …

We eat better and take better care of ourselves

Being at home is synonymous with eating more and sometimes worse. Sometimes cooking at home is avoided and many people choose to buy food online in a fairly common way, a quick solution but that may be the least healthy.

However, in recent years we have seen how in society in general there is a tendency to take care of food as much as possible and complement it with physical exercises on a regular basis, a concern about food that has increased in the last half year.

Perhaps now that we are at home for so long is the right time to enjoy in moderation those sweets that we like so much. In one of the previous posts we already indicated a list of healthy and healthy sweets that you can enjoy from today, now that we spend a good part of our free time at home.

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