If the Mediterranean diet is famous, it is partly because of the use of nuts. And the almond occupies a prominent place. The properties of almonds are many and varied. Raw almonds, without additives, are a source of nutrients.

We are talking about one of the most widely used ingredients in Spanish cuisine, especially in traditional desserts and sweets.

Properties of almonds

But let’s look at the nutritional value of almonds, what they bring and what they can be beneficial for. We review 9 reasons why we should eat almonds or products that include this ingredient of ours:

For its fat content (unsaturated)

I’m sure you’ve heard about saturated fats and the health problems they can carry. You should know that the almond has a wide content of unsaturated fats, precisely those that benefit cardiovascular health. Saturated fat, bad fats, are hard to remove by our bodies. They are those that tend to accumulate in our body and that we find it difficult to eliminate. Sometimes even without success. In the case of the unsaturated the body is able to eliminate them by itself.

For its vegetable proteins

Another of the nutritional values of an almond comes from the hand of its vegetable proteins. This type of protein is considered to be of good quality for its contribution in essential amino acids. 87/5000 After water, proteins are the nutrient with the greatest presence in our body. This is why they are so important. And if the proteins are of quality, much better.

Because of its high fiber content

The fiber content of the nuts is very high. And among them, the almond is the one that has the most fiber. It is also true that it causes an important laxative effect. So remember that almonds are laxatives.

To strengthen the bones

The almond contains a lot of calcium. Not surprisingly, almond milk has become very fashionable in recent years. Many experts recommend it as a substitute for cow’s milk to strengthen bones and prevent diseases such as osteoporosis. A single almond already accounts for 6% of the daily recommended intake of calcium, potassium and iron. And all thanks to phosphorus and almond magnesium.

To prevent cancer and degenerative diseases

If we talk about almond vitamins We should highlight the vitamin E which has an important antioxidant action. In turn, zinc and phytosterols are added to the antioxidant action to assist in the prevention of cancer cells and degenerative diseases.

How to Source Vitamins

But in addition to vitamin E, almonds are also a source of vitamins, including Vitamins B1, B5, B6 and B9.

To quench your appetite

For some reason that is unknown for a long time it spread the myth that almonds fatten. Nothing farther from reality. What’s more, a study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that they help to satiate the appetite.

To reduce cholesterol naturally

Among the foods that lower cholesterol quickly are almonds. Consumption of almonds helps to reduce the known as bad cholesterol, LDL. They also help to increase cholesterol levels well, HDL.

To be happier

And for last we have saved the most important reason why you should eat almonds. It is not that a hallucinogenic fruit or produces states of temporary happiness. Simply the almond is rich in tyrosine, key in the production of the known as hormone of happiness, dopamine. So the benefits of almonds go beyond the physical. Dopamine is an indispensable neurotransmitter for neurons.

In short, the properties of almonds are so many and so varied that we could hardly live without them. And best of all is that to enjoy them not only we can and should eat almonds but in our gastronomy we have countless sweets and almond desserts, a healthy and practical way to eat almonds. For example we can find those known as Almond rosegonesor almond shingles or why not traditionalice creams.

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