So present in our gastronomy throughout the year, the sweets recover a special value during the Christmas holidays. Who does not remember those Christmas tabletops full of delicious and abundant sweets, celebrating in the company of the family one of the most anticipated festivities of the year.

Giving gifts at Christmas can be a good way to thank that company for how much we appreciate them, so a box of our assortment can be an unexpected detail with which to surprise family and friends. In one of our articles we already gave you some reasons why giving a candy at Christmas can be a good idea.

The best Christmas candies

And it is now that these intimate parties are approaching when perhaps it is the best time to remind you of a selection of the best Christmas sweets, as a sign that the culture in confectionery and confection during Christmas is more alive than ever.


Probably the sweet Christmas king, nougat, made in different ways and with innumerable flavors, is a sweet dough that is obtained from the cooking of honey, to which almonds and usually egg white are added.

Of Arab origin, they are currently made in areas of the Mediterranean coast, mainly in Alicante, where they even have a designation of origin.


This small flour cake mixed with sugar and butter is cooked strongly in the oven and quickly melts in the mouth.

Although they are mainly produced in Castilla y León, Andalucía, and Navarra, they are consumed throughout Spain, mainly at Christmas.


Mantecados are also present throughout the year, although it is during Christmas when they become true protagonists. This exquisite sweet is made with flour and lard.

In MonteTuria we have our own mantecados, prepared based on the traditional recipe and to which we add almonds.


Marzipan is a very Christmas sweet. In some places it is traditional to make tiny figures with this candy. They are prepared with sugar and almonds and are really easy to make. The most famous are those of Toledo.

Wine roscos

This sweet round and with a hole in the middle is made with a dough of flour, sesame, grated lemon, wine, brandy and final touch of icing sugar.

This donut is very typical of La Mancha and especially of Malaga.

Almond Soup

Very typical of Castilla y León for Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas day, this sweet has different recipes. The most common is the one that mixes hot milk (cooked with orange or lemon peel), with crushed almonds.

Roscón de Reyes

The Roscón de Reyes could not be missing on this list, and the origin of this candy dates back to the thirteenth century.

It is a dough bun that is garnished with slices of fruit and is usually filled with cream or chocolate, while plastic or ceramic figures are introduced inside.


Like other Christmas sweets, cordial is a sweet that contains almonds. It is a dough made with this ground dried fruit, with angel hair, lemon zest, egg and sugar that are baked in small balls.

There is a wide tradition of cordials in the east and especially in Murcia, where this delicious sweet is a true tradition.

Puff pastry

This sweet is a mixture between shortening and polvorón, but it has some layers of puff pastry inside that make it different.

Traditional of Andalusia, its ingredients are sugar, orange juice, wine, pork fat and wheat flour.

Although you have already tried more than one, Christmas is always a good opportunity to discover new sweets and flavors. In Monte Turia we have been working in traditional Christmas lots for more than 20 years. In fact we work between 4 and 6 references whose presence and presentation is directed to form part of the boxes of typical Christmas lots. They are products that follow our guidelines of maximum quality but with a lower weight, of approximately 100 grams.

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