Summer is the time of year when we change our routines the most. Changes that not only modify our habits but also alter the diet we have maintained throughout the rest of the year. To continue with those healthy and rich snacks that we like so much and accompany it with a refreshing drink for the summer may be the best way to combat the high temperatures of these months.

Summer snacks for children and adults

Skipping the snack in summer is not recommended if what we want is to eat a healthy diet and maintain the line that we have been able to follow throughout the year.

As for the little ones, changes in schedules and habits sometimes mean that we forget to give them a snack or go directly to the summer dinner snack so common for many. Today, most nutritionists advise taking five meals a day, so dispensing with a snack is usually not good advice.

There are many healthy snack ideas for children. However, the varied fruit may be the queen of all healthy and rich snacks, for both adults and children.

Si a la fruta le añadimos alguna pasta de nuestro surtido o con unas galletas rizadas integrales, el resultado es una merienda completa e ideal para llevar en una de las clásicas excursiones de verano por la montaña o para recuperar energía en una larga jornada de playa o piscina.

York ham sandwiches with multigrain bread, yogurts accompanied by some dried fruit or homemade popsicles, are other alternatives that have a significant number of followers.

Sweets in Summer

And the sweets? Are they also for the summer? Of course yes. There are many sweet recipes for the summer or fresh sweet summer cakesthat are made to take after the meal or snack. In the same way that there are sweets that are associated with Christmas, there are also others that are made mainly in summer.

At MonteTuria we have healthy sweets such as chocolote chokis or raisin and walnut cookies, ideal for summer snacks and which are presented as the perfect accompaniment to a refreshing fruit smoothie or other healthy drinks such as horchata.

Texas with ice cream

If there is a summer classic that everyone likes, it is undoubtedly ice cream. Combine sweet tiles with ice cream is a perfect treat for a snack or to finish a dinner or summer meal.

Healthy summer meals

Finally, we would also like to give you some tips for the summer related to healthy summer meals. Y es que a nadie se le escapa la importancia de seguir una dieta sana y saludables en verano, una época del año en la que generalmente se come en exceso y en muchas ocasiones a deshoras.

Healthy summer salads are often popular in these hot months. If we incorporate cucumber, a vegetable that contains a high percentage of water or tomato, a summer classic that prevents fluid retention, much better.

The fruit, especially watermelon and melon due to its high contribution of water should also be part of any diet for the summer, being a food that also desires much in these hot months.

Sticking with the varied and balanced diet that we have followed in other seasons of the year, adding light fish dishes and reducing meat intake, are other tips to follow during the summer.

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