Online food shopping emerges in these times

online food stores

The data say that in Spain there are 22.5 million online shoppers. The arrival of winter and especially Covid-19 has meant an unprecedented revolution in the way we interact with our environment, altering our routines. During this time we have been acquiring new habits when it comes to filling the pantry, the takeoff of buying … Read more

Food preservatives, everything you should know

Sorbic Acid

Consumption habits have changed considerably in recent years. Today, a large part of consumers tries to know the composition of the foods that they incorporate into their diet. There is a tendency to positively value those products that are considered healthy and wholesome. However, there is still a certain lack of knowledge regarding the usefulness … Read more

Spanish sweets, tradition and culture

Spanish sweets

The varied Spanish gastronomy not only thrives on the dishes and stews that we all know and have tried on occasion. The Spanish sweets that we can find throughout the Spanish geography are also part of our culture and tradition. Some of these sweets have been made for many years and their recipes have been … Read more

Wheat flour, an irreplaceable ingredient

Characteristics wheat flour

When preparing any type of product it is essential to have top quality ingredients This golden rule is equally important in sweets and pastries. In Monte Turia we try to produce our sweets based on a careful selection of each of them. But if there is an important ingredient that has a special impact on … Read more

9 typical Christmas sweets

Christmas typical sweets

So present in our gastronomy throughout the year, the sweets recover a special value during the Christmas holidays. Who does not remember those Christmas tabletops full of delicious and abundant sweets, celebrating in the company of the family one of the most anticipated festivities of the year. Giving gifts at Christmas can be a good … Read more

What is the origin of dessert?

What is the origin of dessert?

eating a sweet after lunch (or at any time of the day) is a pleasure. The most curious and what many may not know is that the habit of eating sweets goes back to Ancient Rome. Although the sweets began to become popular with the discovery of bee honey many years before it was not … Read more

Sweets (not always) fatten

Sweets Don't fatten

Traditionally it is associated with sweets a single effect that almost make it seem its only characteristic. It is said thatsweets Fatten and although there is part of reality in this statement, there is a lot of false myth that costs to topple. If we think sweets get fat is because they basically carry sugar. … Read more

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